Angel Number 555 Meaning – Why You Are Seeing 5:55?

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You open a novel and you see the page number is 555. A little later, you purchase a few items from a store and the total bill amount is 555. In the evening, you just randomly check your mobile and the time is 5:55. when you are on your way home you notice an advertisement on the billboard and it has the number 555 on it.

You are seeing the same number sequence repeatedly and this cannot be a coincidence. Wake up, be alert, Angels are trying to get in touch with you with an important message to share. But what is the numerology meaning of 555 and what are the Angels trying to say? This surely is something you are wondering and this is exactly what we are about to discover.


Spiritual Meaning of 555

When you see 555 everywhere it clearly means that the Angels are trying to say that big changes are coming your way, so, you need to be ready. Perhaps, after seeing this number you might have already experienced a few changes, and you will now experience more.

Changes can be both positive and negative and this is something we all know. However, you need not worry as ‘555’ is all about positive changes and you have to be ready to welcome them with an open heart. You are going to get better aligned with abundance, vitality, love, and soul purpose.

The number 555 does not have just one meaning. Depending on your situation, the Angels, through this angel number, might be wanting to say different things. so, let us get to learn about 4 different meanings of 555.

1st Meaning of 555: New opportunities are coming your way and your Angels want you to be aware

If you are seeing 555 everywhere then the Angels are trying to say that you need to be ready for new, promising opportunities. In case you have been asking the universe for some sign or help to understand what you must do next, then you have been answered.

If you have desired to move to a new place, it will now be possible. Or, if you want a change in your relationship or maybe a job change, that is going to happen soon. The number 5 also is symbolic of adventure. Since you are seeing this number, that as well in sequence, you perhaps are going to go on a thrilling adventure trip.

The changes will be positive, though the journey to this change may not be easy. Changes are anyway not usually easy, but the Angels are there to help and you just do not have to worry and trust the process.

2nd Meaning of 555: Be fearless and have faith

All of us may have fear at least from something in our lives. The fear has an impact on the decisions we make and thus we may end up not deciding the way we are supposed to. Seeing numerology 555 is a reminder that fear has been a hindrance to our life.

It is okay to be a little fearful because that may stop us from making wrong decisions. However, too much fear can prevent us from achieving our goals. The Angels, through the number 555 are wanting you to be fearless. You have to detach yourself from this negative emotion, relax, and be positive.

If you have a fearless approach then you surely are going to be rewarded in life. You will see more new opportunities and you will be able to fulfill your goals easily. So, to be able to enjoy all this you have to let go of fear and let faith take over its place.

This may not be very easy but when you have signs from Angel number 555 you have no reasons to worry at all. The angels have extended their support and you just need to trust, have faith, and change your thoughts from negative to positive. A positive and fearless attitude also makes it easier for the Angels to contact you and it even becomes easy for you to understand their signs.

3rd Meaning of 555: You are going to get connected with the Divine, be ready

The number 5 is associated with mystical experience and as you are seeing them in a sequence the results will be stronger. The reason why you are seeing the number 555 can be that you have already started understanding about your spiritual gifts, or you soon will.

You are forming a connection with the Divine, and this connection will change your life completely. You will become aware of the bigger picture of life and this will help you understand how small are the problems in this world. This awareness will help you tackle all these material problems in an easier way.

Angel number 555 wants you to experience the power of telepathy, psychic vision, or mysticism that you have. You can even request the Angels to be your guide in this journey to make sure you have the most fulfilling experience.

4th Meaning of 555: You need to observe and listen and do so carefully

Many things are happening around us but we are so inattentive that we do not notice. Angel number 555 is making its appearance so that you understand you need to be more observant and listen carefully.

You don’t need to stress or worry, just carefully see, hear, and understand what is happening around you. Whatever comes across your way whether a new person, pet, plant or even objects have some meanings. You will be able to understand it only if you are attentive.

There is an energy exchange that is happening in the Universe all the time and if you are cautious you will be able to understand and experience it. This experience will help you comprehend your feelings and also the feelings of others in a much better way.

Significance of 555

The number 555 signifies positive changes that are coming your way. You perhaps may have desired such changes for quite some time and now it is going to happen. Angels want you to be ready for these changes as they will happen really fast and will be pretty obvious. With these positive changes, new opportunities will enter into your life.

At this time, you may be overwhelmed, confused, terrified, but you have to move forward and accept everything that will come with the change. Your Angels are there with you throughout, and so you do not have to worry.

By repeatedly showing you the number 555, your Angels want you to call on them. That would be the moment when they will be able to help you to take complete advantage of the great transformations. These transformations will pave the way to success and abundance.

manifestation magic

555 meaning love


Angel number 555 is also important as far as love and relationship are concerned. Just like other areas, your love life will see a positive change as well.

If you are with someone who is not respectful then this number sequence will make its appearance to tell you it is time to move on. It is time to look for someone else and thus bring a positive change into your life.

In case you have just met someone interesting, have become friends, or are dating some you feel connection with. If you start noticing the number 555 too frequently, in this situation the Angels want you to know that this is not a coincidence. This person has entered your life with positive intent and you must move forward. True love has entered your life and is here to stay.

Meaning of 555 in the Bible

In the Bible, this number sequence has both good and bad meanings. But there is nothing you need to worry about.

Let us first learn about ‘good’ one. The number sequence 555 is symbolic of grace and mercy. It means everything in this world has the presence of God and the sooner you realize it, you will put an end to your sufferings.

There are 5 sections in the Book of Psalms. 5 books were written by John the Apostle to describe God’s graciousness. Pentateuch (which means the five books) is the first 5 books of the Bible. So, you can say that the number 5 denotes faith and knowledge. The name of Jesus also has 5 letters. Furthermore, in the Bible, it is described how five thousand people were fed by Jesus with 5 loaves of bread.

As far as the ‘bad’ is concerned, the Bible says the Roman soldiers wounded Jesus 5 times. Also, this number is used in relation to corruption and sin in the Bible.

Do not be bothered by the ‘negative’ meaning as the Angels, who are trying to get in touch with you through the number 555, are only helping form a connection with God and the good.

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Final Verdict:

You are immensely lucky as you are seeing the number 555 so frequently. All of us want positive changes in our life and you are about to experience it quite soon. Just be observant and do not make the mistake of avoiding the synchronicities. You will be approaching the path to success, true love, and will form a beautiful connection with the Divine, so enjoy and live every bit of it.

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