What are Angel Numbers? The meaning of seeing them

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you keep seeing the same number over and over again? Have you tried to brush it off only for the number to appear again like some sort of recurring sign? We firmly believe that every detail in our lives is worth paying attention to, even the most minuscule ones. These recurring numbers are not merely a coincidence. On the contrary, you are seeing them for a reason. There are called angel numbers, you may be asking yourself what are angel numbers?

Perhaps you wake up on the morning of 04/04 at exactly 04:04 am. You move on to your day and the number 4 keeps appearing throughout the day whether that be on a bill, a phone call or even a random license plate. You are suddenly hit by an epiphany that this has been happening a lot more than what even you’d deem to be normal. Certainly, there must be a message the universe is trying to convey to you. 

Fret not! We have all the answers marked for you. 

What are Angel Numbers?

These recurring numbers are called ‘Angel Numbers’. In numerology, these number sequences convey important messages. If you crack the code regarding these numbers, you will be able to find hidden messages for yourself. You will become more self-aware and realize your aims, needs, and purpose regarding life more clearly. 

It is said that divine beings such as our guardian angels communicate to us quite frequently. In a way that is as easy as they are complex. The path that they choose is easy to interpret but only once you realize it.

This divine guidance comes in obscure and cryptic ways. One must be synchronized fully with their spiritual side to comprehend on a deeper level. 

Why symbols?

These are the reasons why our divine guides have to contact us indirectly and conceal messages in signs and symbols. 

  • Guardian angels or divine guides are all celestial beings that cannot directly communicate with us.
  • They all exist in a realm that far exceeds our normal perception.
  • Their world is completely different from our metaphysical one. 

Why numbers?  

  • Our divine guides and guardian angels usually tend to send their wisdom through numbers. 
  • For a normal person, numbers mean nothing more than a mathematical symbol. However, in more spiritual terms, numbers are the language of the universe. Historically, numbers were taught by philosophers and doctors to determine a hidden language marked by energy, frequency, and vibration.
  • Numbers makeup everything around and within us. Since the communication from the divine realm travels at a different frequency than our metaphysical world, angel numbers are an essential way of communication. 
  • Each number has its vibrational frequency and means something different. These numbers that we see carry a deeper message that is specifically crafted for ourselves. 
  • To gain our attention, guardian angels show us a repetition of some specific numbers that are hiding a deeper message. 

So, if you have been repeatedly seeing a number and are wondering about what it means for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Are angel numbers from god?

God is the supreme power in all of the universe. He presides over not only humans but all those who live in the spiritual realm. It wouldn’t be far off to say that the angel numbers are from god as nothing happens without his consent and will It is God who allows angels to communicate with the humans. So, if one aligns themselves with the message of the angel numbers,

Why do angels use numbers to speak to us? 

To put it simply, angels are spiritual beings that exist in a world different from our own. The frequency that their realm has is so different from ours that they have to use means such as numbers to convey their messages to us. 

Since the form of communication is indirect, we, as humans have to go a step further and interpret information from a higher spiritual authority. Each number that you see is sent specifically to you in a time of need to substantially improve the way you perceive life. 

What is my angel number?

Your angel number is based on your birthday. To calculate it you need to beak down your birthday into single digits. For example if you were born on October 5, 1984 = 1+0+5+1+9+8+4.

Then add the single digits together: 1+ 5 + 22 = 28.

In the next step add the two remaining digits together to get a single digit 2+8 =10

Do this again to get to a single number which in this case is 1+0 = 1 number one our final number. This number is also called a life path number. To calculate your life path number use this free calculator.

Your angel number is the repeating for of this single number. In example above the angel number is 11/111/ 1111.

what are angel numbers?

Why do I keep seeing angel numbers? 

If you keep seeing angel numbers and are curious about why this is happening to you at this specific time, we have you covered.

  • Continuously seeing angel numbers mean that the time is now ripe for you to connect with your spiritual self.
  • You are now aligned with who you are and who you want to become.
  • You are not only connected with your past and present but also your future.
  •  If you have started to notice these spiritual numbers and symbols around you, chances are that you have now started your journey to self-actualization. 
  • The Divine providence is watching over you and presenting you with opportunities to delve deeper into yourself.

So, don’t worry and instead focus on why these messages are coming to you. Try and understand the meanings and allow yourself to be pulled into a deeper spiritual self!

What do the angel numbers mean?

Every numerical sequence that you see is sent by the guardian angels and guides to specifically cater to your needs. Each message that you see is what you want to hear at that specific time.

Your goals in life will become clearer and you will start on your journey to become a better individual. 

Number Sequence 1:

Number 1 represents self-sufficiency and leadership. Chances are that if you see this number, it is because you are marking the start of something good and are going to pull the reign of your life yourself.

Perhaps it is time for yourself to search for answers within. Pay close attention to yourself, your dreams and ambitions.

Perceive this as a symbol of new beginnings and opportunities, where you are going to start on a more positive journey and have finally received the subtle push you were looking for!

Number Sequence 2:

Angel number 2 is a sign of alliance and union of energy with others. Seeing this number repeatedly implies that you have created a bond with someone else’s energy. You are sensitive to it and perhaps that is why your life is spiraling out of control.

You feel your energy to be drained by the union you form with other people. You are putting too much effort into things that bring you little to no happiness.

Slow down, take a deep breath and revaluate your relationships with others. At least that is what your guardian angel is advising you!

Number Sequence 3:

Angel number 3 represents spirituality and self-expression. It refers to your creative side that has the ability to move past any major obstacle of your life.

If you keep seeing the number 3, your guardian angel is sending you a reminder that put your unique abilities to use. To become a better, resourceful version of yourself.

You are stuck in a place where your creative and unique abilities are not being put to use. You are full of doubt and feel even worthless at times. The guardian angel knows you are in need of some validation and sends out this message to help you realize yourself worth.

Number Sequence 4:

The angel number 4 is usually associated with work and career.

If you keep seeing this number, your guardian angel is reminding or warning you of the hard times that are prevalent in your work life. This is a sign that even through the hard times, you can pull through.

No winter lasts forever. Trust in divinity and the fact that it will guide you to better days. Just pay heed to all the right signs and you will make it through!

Number Sequence 5:

Angel number 5 is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. It is a sign that better things are on their way!

If you are seeing this number, your guardian angel wants you to know that a change is coming way. One that will bring excitement and abundance along with it.

It is time to embrace change, and more importantly, time to start looking for it.

Number Sequence 6:

The angle number 6 represents peace and harmony in your relations. You are on your way to be more kind to other’s plight and your own grief.

Your guardian angel wants to send you a message. A message that you are emphatic and kind. You have the power to build relationships and carry them forward. You are a peace bearer and at times, gives so much of yourself away that there is nothing left to old onto.

This number implores you to find a balance between yourselves and others.

Number Sequence 7:

The angel number 7 is aligned with your spiritual self. It is highly regarded as the most sacred of number.

Your guardian angel is reminding you to tap back into your spiritual side. It implores you to find the right light and use it to guide not only yourself, but also others.

Number Sequence 8:

The angel number 8 refers to material wealth and prosperity.

Your guardian angel is telling you that an abundance of wealth is on your way. If you see this number, you have been reassured that whatever you’re currently working on will be fruitful.

So, remain positive and move forward with the same zeal, you will find your reward soon! 

Number Sequence 9:

The angel number 9 usually refers to new beginnings and fresh start.

Your guardian angel is trying to send you the message that a new chapter in your life is about to start. You are going to embark on a new journey. Whatever that was holding you on, will ease its hold on you and you will be granted a fresh start.

Experiences are necessary for your development as they make you grow as an individual. Your guardian angel is assuring you that you will find your light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Now that you know what are angel numbers and why you keep seeing them feel free to use this free reading to know more about how numbers can actually affect your life.\

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