Life Path 7 Compatibility, Personality, Love Life and Career

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If you are somebody who likes to keep to themselves and don’t get mixed in the crowd then chances are you are a life path number 7. Number 7 can have a lot of effects on different aspects of your life. If you are not sure what your life path number is you can use this free calculator to find yours.

Many people may think of you as an arrogant person who doesn’t like to talk to anyone but in reality, you might just be a number 7 and it just isn’t part of your personality. It can also affect other aspects of your personality.

Let’s take a look at some aspects and traits of Life path number 7. This information will definitely help you shape up your personality but more than that it will help others understand number 7 in a better and more clear way.

Life Path Number 7 Compatibility

Number 7 shows great compatibility with other number 7s. Other than that they are also very compatible with number 5. This is because of the fact that their personalities resonate with each other.

One of the biggest problems faced by the number 7 people is their shyness and reserved nature. Their shy nature puts in a lot of hurdles in creating compatibility between number 7s and other numbers. After number 5, the life path number 7 people also work well with number 2 and number 4.

These compatibilities are general and do not just include relationship compatibility but professional and work compatibility as well. In terms of numbers that are not compatible with number 7, its number 3 and number 8. These numbers have a tendency to take charge and make everyone feel that they are in control.

Number 7s don’t take lightly to these characteristic and hence they aren’t compatible enough with each other. Even if you see some sort of compatibility between the two, it isn’t because of emotional reasons. It can be for physical, professional or any other reason but not because of emotional reasons.

Number 7 may be reserved and shy, but the people they are compatible with get to see their fun side as well. This shows how one number can boost the personality of the other number.

Life Path Number 7 Personality

People who belong to the life path number 7 group tend to stay reserved. In other words, we can say that they are mostly introverts and do not like crowds. Instead, they prefer to spend time on their own and it’s not just about the preference, they actually love spending time alone.

One thing to note about the number 7 people is that they aren’t as expressive as other people. However, this does not mean that they don’t understand feelings of love or affection. They can be very affectionate however they will always be shy to express it.

They also tend to stay reserved and don’t like the crowds. Some people might take that as arrogance but once they understand your personality, they will look past your reserved nature.

People who belong to life path number 7 tend to look for perfectionism in everything. It is very important for them to have a sense of life. They want to know the truth about everything and despise lies and negative behaviors.

Your reserved nature might not be liked by many people however overtime when people start to understand you and become acquainted with you, they realize that you aren’t arrogant but this is actually our plus point. You try to keep yourself away from all the drama in the world. Which is a great thing to keep your mind fresh and active? Ridding yourself of all the negativity is bound to make you feel good about yourself and your surroundings.

Life Path Number 7 Love Life

As you already know by now that people who are life path number 7 tend to stay reserved. Their reserved nature might make many potential suitors pass by without even making a move. This, however, does not mean that number 7 people cannot find love

They can still find love but the way that relationship starts can be a bit shaky because of the nervous and shy nature of number 7s. One person might try to woo number 7 but Number 7 might not respond well or may try to ignore the other person’s actions.

These things can cause problems at the start of the relationship and may even end the relationship before it even starts. However, this is very important for people to look past the reserved and quiet nature of number 7.

Once a number 7 gets into a relationship then they make sure they stay true and loyal to their partners. They might not be as expressive as other people but they can definitely love their other halves in the most unconditional way possible. 

Not being expressive does not mean that you can love anyone; it just means that you are shy to express it to other people. In their hearts, number 7 can be filled with unconditional love but their shy personality makes it impossible for them to express it to others. 

If a person truly loves the number 7 then they will automatically understand the love that number 7 has in his or her heart. This is also the reason that despite not being expressive enough, the number 7 marriages tend to continue for a longer time period.

In this day and age where the divorce rate is higher than any time of history, Number 7s make it look easy. Marriages, where one of the partners is number 7, will mostly enjoy a longer stay together and may even go all the way until the couple is old or one of them passes away.

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Life Path Number 7 Career:

Life path number 7 people are considered very intelligent and creative. They mostly prefer to work alone however they can also be great in teams if they are already familiar with other members of the team. They have difficulties working in groups where there are people they don’t know about.

They are reserved and this may cause problems in communication for them. They mostly prefer work in art, architecture, engineering, strategy, medical field, investigator and many other fields. Their intelligent and creative mind makes it easy for them to work in these areas. They can also work as a mathematician and in different aspects of the military.

Life Path number 7 has one of the largest range of professions they can choose from. It is all based on their creative skills. Intelligence and their ability to solve complex problems. They don’t like to work a repetitive 9 to 5 traditional office job. They also don’t like easy jobs that require no skills or hard work. They like to push the boundaries as that makes them perform at their best. They may be shy but they don’t shy away from showing their skills and working hard.

Jobs like hosting on stage, sales job, and other jobs that require them to frequently come in contact with the customers or other people aren’t well-liked by number 7 people. They don’t cheat in any job they do, instead they work with full heart and efficiency. They take joy in doing work that is analytical and encourages them to come out of their comfort zone to solve the respective problem.


Life Path number 7 are very reserved. They don’t like crowds or parties. They tend to enjoy their own company and company of some very few important people in their lives.  They put more focus on quality rather than quantity. This is the secret of success in their lives. They are soft-spoken and tend to keep to themselves however if you provoke them then they can be aggressive. Generally, they are not that aggressive and mind their own business at all times. Number 7 people are very exclusive.

They might not show you how fun they can be at the beginning but as you get to know them better you will realize and understand their true personality. You might think that a number 7 person in your life does not care about you but in reality, that person might care for you the most in the world. The only difference is expression. 

Number 7s only share their stories with a special group of people. Number 7s are surely a blessing to have in your life and if you have a friend who is number 7 make sure to keep them happy as at the end of the day reserved or not, a number 7 person can be an absolute gem of a friend for you.

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