Life Path Number 8 – Personality, Love Life, Compatibility, and Career

People with life path number 8 are one of the toughest people on the planet. If you are someone who is hard-working, determined and brutally straightforward then chances are that you are a Number 8. With such a hard personality, it gets difficult for people with life path number 8 to find a compatible partner however there are many positive aspects to their personality as well.

Let’s take a look at different aspects of life path number 8 including their personality, their compatibility with people and employment, their love life and other similar aspects.

Life Path Number 8 Personality

When it comes to personality, Number 8s are considered to have one of the hardest personalities in the world. Many people consider number 8s to be arrogant and self-centered however their hard personality isn’t a negative aspect of their character.

Number 8s are goal-driven and work very hard in whatever they do. You have certain qualities that may not sit well with others but that definitely makes you the strongest person in the room.

Number 8s are hard-working and tend to take the lead in everything they do. If you are a number 8 then your peers might not like you that much but in times when they need some toughness, they will always call you for the job.

People might not like you but they will always respect you for your determined and content personality and for the ability to face and fight any type of difficult situation.

Life Path Number 8 Love Life

Many people complain to have partners who say that they love them but when it comes to expressing that love, they just tend to stay back. This does not mean that they are rude or don’t love the person they are with. It just means that their personality doesn’t resonate with the expressive feelings that people want. Number 8s also fall in this same category.

They can be very loving however when it comes to expressing that love they fail over and over again. This is why they have compatibility issues. People who have number of 8 partners tend to misunderstand their personalities. They start believing that their partners don’t love them when in reality their partners are just no expressive about their love. This in no way means that they don’t love their partners.

Life path number 8 tend to be very independent in their relationship.  So no matter the person or their gender, if they are number 8 they would prefer a more independent relationship however at the same time they would have a slightly bossy behavior towards their counterpart.

One of the best qualities of Number 8s is that they are very calm and rational. This is why there are very few arguments when both people in the relation are number 8s. If both people in a relationship are numbers 8s then they both enjoy an independent relationship while keeping the relationship bond strong.

There are very few arguments and they both try to resolve their issues by being calm and rational. Number 8s might not be an ideal romantic partner and they might not be expressive enough however if someone understands their personality then they naturally understand that Number 8s are hidden gems.

If you can give them their independence in the relationship, then they will, in turn, try to stay with you forever. Number 8s can be really mature partners and with their thoughtfulness, they can help you succeed in different aspects of life as well.

Life Path Number 8 Compatibility

Up till now, you might have understood that the compatibility options for number 8s are very limited. It is because of their hard personality and their will to always be ahead of others. They tend to get bossy sometimes which does not sit well with other people.

This is why when it comes to compatibility number 8s have a hard time finding someone for themselves.  Even if they get in a relationship, they tend to prefer an independent relationship where there aren’t any boundaries. This is also a big reason that their relationship doesn’t work out that good.

In terms of other life path numbers, Number 8s tend to get along really well with other number 8s. There is a misconception about number 8s as well that because they have such an independent personality, two number 8s can’t have a successful relationship.

This is totally wrong. Number 8s understand each other well and they know that no matter how independent their relationship is, they will always stick together with each other in tough times. Other than their number matches, people who belong to life path number 2 also tend to get along pretty well with number 8s.

In fact, their compatibility is like peanut butter and jelly. Number 8 has all the qualities that number 2 lacks and number 2 has all the qualities that number 8 lacks. So when they are in a relationship, they literally complete each other.  Number 8 tend to be more tough and independent; they also have a very strong financial sense. 

When it comes to number 2, they are higher on the emotional spectrum. They tend to keep the family together and are very expressive about their affections. Many would argue that number 8s and number 2s are completely opposite to each other so how can they even coexist. Well, their unique differences are something that actually binds them together in such a strong way.

Another amazing life path number that number 8 resonates with is number 4. Number 4 may actually share some of the qualities of number 8. Like number 8, number 4 is also very hardworking, determined and career-oriented. They want the best in life for themselves and their families.  They are very ambitious and will always use their full potential in every aspect of life.

Life Path Number 8 Career

Life path number 8 is very ambitious and highly career-oriented. This is why you would always see them at higher positions in organizations. Number 8s cannot work lower-level jobs for longer periods of time as they can get easily annoyed by how their boss or higher management treats them. They have a bossy personality that forces them to be in charge at all times.

This is why you would mostly see number 8 people have their own businesses. They are very ambitious however when it comes to their behavior towards employees, you would always see a calm and rational attitude unless the employees do something really unprofessional.

They are very keen on professionalism. Any person who is not professional will not be in their good books. It would be a very big understatement to say that a career is very important for number 8s. It is a very important part of their lives. Every life path number has a specific aspect to their personality. For number 8s, it’s their love for their career. 

When it comes to a specific career, number 8s are very picky about them. They would love a top management position in any organization however until and unless they get to the top management of a well-respected mega-corporation, they would keep on trying. 

When it comes to business, number 8s tend to start businesses according to their preference, individual personality and expertise. However, when they look for jobs they have a very specific goal in mind.

Number 8s tend to go for top management jobs in the banking industry and the financial sector as a whole. They also prefer jobs science and medicine.  Other preferred professionals of number 8s are in real estate and law. In real estate they don’t like taking sales job instead they like taking the managerial role where they can order and guide others on how to close deals. Number 8s are naturally very good in real estate.

They are also very good in the law profession. Law is a very broad profession and the personality of number 8 does not resonate with all jobs in the legal sector. However, they would love to get a job as a judge or a high profile lawyer in a high profile legal firm. For number 8, the position at the firm and the name of the firm itself are all very important. They don’t like working in small companies that aren’t well known. You would always see them eying for the top companies.

For jobs that they don’t like. Well, for started they would never like to work in small companies which do not have any chance of growth or any chance of making it big time. When it comes to a specific position, then you would always see them kick middle or lower management jobs out the window.

Even if they are going through financial problems, they will still try to avoid jobs like that of a janitor or a small sales representative at a small firm. There is nothing wrong with these jobs however their low pay scale does not resonate with the personality of life path number 8.

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