Life Path 6 Compatibility, Personality, Love Life and Career

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Life path numbers affect your entire personality and people who are loving and caring usually tend to be number 6. If you or your partner is a hopeless romantic who can only think about love, passion and helping others then chances are you belong to life path number 6. If you are not sure what your life path number is you can use this free calculator to find yours.

Take someone with life path number 6 put them in a hospital or old age home and you get the best service providers in the field. They are known to be selfless. A number 6 would go out of the way to see if you are doing okay no matter how it makes them feel. You can’t wish for a better partner if your partner is a number 6.

Number 6s are unique, as their life path number does not just affect them but it also affects the people around them. Let’s take a detailed look at different aspects of life path number 6.

Life Path Number 6 Personality:

Life path number 6 is all about love and care. This is why it is also known as nurturer. People who are life path number 6 tend to be selfless. They care more about others than they do about themselves. These characteristics sometimes do great things for them but also result in causing problems for them as well. People can easily take advantage of your selfless behavior.

If they see anyone suffering, they would even put their life on the line to save that person. Life path number 6 people are also very charitable. They feel the pain that different people go through and hence they know that it is imperative to do everything in their power to rid the people of all the pain.

If you are number 6, then that means you care a lot about your family. You care about your house, your partner, your kids and all other things in your life. You love to take care of your house and keep it well maintained. Not only that you make sure that the house has a loving atmosphere all around. This is because of the fact that life path number 6 people have a strong sense of maternal instincts.

People may take advantage of your selflessness but that does not mean that you don’t understand what’s going on. You are very good at coping with issues in your life. You use your gentle and loving attitude to cope with any and all problems in your life. With such a soft character, you can also sometimes become impulsive and may even react in a negative manner. However, this is very rare. In most cases, number 6s tend to stay calm and gentle.

Life Path Number 6 Love Life:

Just close your eyes and imagine for one second, how you would feel if you have a partner who loves you selflessly without thinking about anything in returning. This is what people who date life path number 6 feel. Dating people who are life path number 6 is a very great experience because you are bound to get the love you have always desired.

People who are life path number 6 are naturally good lovers. They care for others even if it comes at their own expense. This shows that they have a natural capability to love others. They are usually very successful in their relationships.

Their loving nature not only makes them a good partner but also a good mother and a good wife. If you have a life partner who is life path number 6 then you should consider yourself fortunate. You can be dead sure that your partner will love you till the end of the line.

Life path number 6 people may have a good relationship with their partners but due to their loving and caring nature, they might go for people who aren’t emotionally that stable. This can create a lot of problems for them however most number 6 don’t think about the consequences before they indulge themselves in such things.

It is not difficult for you to love anyone, no matter what their character is. This is not always a good thing as you might affect yourself negatively just to make others feel better.

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Life Path Number 6 Compatibility:

Life path number 6 has so many great and loving qualities that they can get along with almost everyone. There is literally no life path number that the 6s cannot be compatible with. However, there can be compatibility issues with number 3 and number 5.

This is due to the fact that number 3 and number 5 tend to shy away from relationships that bind them. They are romantic in their own right but they can’t see to keep their romance on for a longer time which goes against the characteristics of number 6. However, this does not mean that they cannot be compatible with each other at all.  They can still find common ground and number 6 can have a good relationship with number 3 and number 5.

The best companionship for number 6 comes with number 1, 2 and 9. Number 9 and Number 1 love to feel the affection from their partners. They love it when someone gives them the attention and this is why number 6 is highly compatible with these numbers.

The best number out of 1 2 and 9 is 1. People who are life path number 1 tend to get along the best with number 6 because of their resonating qualities. Both the characteristics of number 1 and number 6 match well with each other. They complement each other really well and thus are very compatible with each other.

A relationship between life path number 2 and life path number 6 is bound to be the most easygoing relationship out of the lot. Both number 2 and number 6 are soft-spoken and have very loving personalities. When these people come together in a relationship, it creates a very beautiful relationship based on love and understanding.

None of the two numbers are aggressive so the relationship will not have any arguments or fights instead it will be based on love, mutual support, respect and extensive understanding of each other.

Life Path Number 6 Careers:

Life path number 6 may be easy going but that does not mean they can’t lead. Number 6 people can be great leaders. This is why they work well at leadership positions. A leader who knows how his followers think or what they are going through is bound to become popular amongst the people. 

Number 6 people are loving, understanding and compassionate which are great qualities to have in a leader. You also like to take care of your space while helping others grow. A person who does not help his/her followers to grow can never be a leader. Their amazing and charming personality makes them perfect for the position of leader. They are very charismatic and make sure everyone’s focus is on them.

As mentioned before, they have a maternal sense which means that they don’t run away from responsibilities.  Number 6 people don’t get aggressive that often. Combination of their characteristics make them ideal for jobs like teaching, being a nurse,  child care, health care centers, old age homes, and other similar fields. They fit in perfectly with jobs that demand care for others. However, this does not mean that they can’t work in an office. A traditional office might not be their ideal choice but they can still do a great job there.

Sometimes life path number 6 can be shy which can sabotage their entire career. Life path number 6 people are known to be very soft-spoken. This can be taken as a downside. Many people believe that just because they are soft-spoken they cannot be good workers let alone good executives.

This is totally false. Life path number 6 people can work very effectively in offices however their lack of confidence and shyness may force them to never ask for a promotion. This can be really frustrating for them. Employers can take advantage of their soft-spoken attitude and not give them the raise they actually deserved.


Number 6 people are very loving and affectionate. However one of the biggest problems with their personality is that they can be selfless. Showing too much love to others and not caring about yourself is bound to create problems in the long run. People would always think of you as a loving and affectionate person so when you are down and feeling stressed out they will not take lightly to your stressful responses.

In addition to that giving too much affection and love to others while not receiving a lot in return can actually make you feel bad and bitter in the long run. It might entirely change your personality from a loving person to a bitter and rude person.

So it is very important for life path number 6 people to care for others but they should never become selfless in doing so. Caring for others is always good and they should always be encouraged and appreciated for that. However, this does not mean that they should damage their own personality just to make someone else happy.

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